User Experience & Interface Design

Seasoned designer with over twenty years of experience in creating attractive brands, engaging websites and application interfaces with a focus on user experience.

Amazon Web Services

Leading the AWS user experience group in the creation of a user interface system that is visually clean and based on data-driven design which provides a consistent user experience across all devices, browsers and operating systems.

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AWS Console Home & Mobile Dashboard

Allrecipes International

Worked with executive leadership to provide creative direction to realign the international websites with the Allrecipes brand, design the mobile website and create new marketing materials.

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Allrecipes.co.uk Home Page


Design and development of a CSS/XHTML framework consistent with the NASA website for use within an Agile development environment for use by the development team on the Nebula Cloud platform site, NASA Apps site and individual mission sites.

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NASA Nebula Home


Worked with the company founders in shaping the brand identity and related materials while providing the design and templates for the user experience and interface of the private beta.

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Vacatio Home Page


Provided creative direction on projects including the creation of the brand identity, user experience, interface and marketing collateral. Responsible for delivering page templates for the development team following the creation of the core materials.

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ClearStay Home Page


Provided creative direction for branding, marketing materials and the visual design of two corporate websites while collborating with the development team in the creation of multi-tiered XHTML/CSS page templates for each site.

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Escapia Home Page

“William has an intense attention to detail and is leading the visual redesign effort on many of the projects at AWS. He is meticulous and is insistent on perfection, which is not a small feat on enterprise-level UX projects.”

Alix Han
Senior User Experience Designer
Amazon Web Services

“William is an an excellent designer with the ability to consider user interface design from the user's point of view. That, paired with great visual instincts, makes him a valuable contributor wherever he puts his skills.”

Devin Carlen
Founder, CTO
Nebula, Inc.

“William was extremely professional and focused on what we needed for each project. He did great work and recommended solutions that both met our requirements and inspired new thinking.”

Patricia Lee Smith
Vice President, International

“William was able to quickly assess the needs of the projects and start suggesting solutions within the first week of his involvement. It is amazing to see the difference a talented designer can make.”

Nadya Lobalzo
Patent Engineer
Intellectual Ventures